Dear resident,

Missed bin? Report it online

At some point over the past year, you have called us to report a missed bin collection. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you at the time.

We collect 99.7% of the 175,000 bins on our rounds each week – but in the unlikely event you have a repeat missed bin collection at any point, please report it to us online.

It is quick and easy to do, taking you less time than calling us – and often means our crews can get back to you more quickly. You can also see if there’s a reason your bin’s been missed – if it’s because of blocked access to your road, for example, the crews will be back within 48 hours, saving you the trouble of reporting it yourself.

There’s a range of other recycling activities available on our website at the click of a button:

  • view your own personalised recycling calendar
  • find out what can and can’t be recycled using the handy app
  • join the garden waste collection service
  • book to have bulky items taken away
  • order extra bins
  • and more.

Kind regards,
The Refuse & Recycling Team

Ps. Don’t forget – it’s quicker to report a missed bin to us online.

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