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6 July 12.00-14.00 Networking Picnic, Priory Park, Join the great local freelance and homeworking community for a picnic. Just bring a blanket and picnic.  Sign up or turn up on the day.


9 July 18.00-20.00 Enterprise Nation, Growing your business #ScaleupSeries with Shazam Founder Djoraj Mukherjee, London SE1  Book your space now


10 July 09.30-12.30 Opportunity Knocks- growth through innovation Gatwick Diamond Meet the buyers event at Canon (UK) Headquarters, Woodhatch, Reigate. Book your space now 


11 July 17.00-19.00  Redhill and Reigate Business forum - Local, Global and Beyond Guest speakers from Jellyfish, Pilgrims and Think Laser. Town Hall, Reigate. Book your space now.


12 July 08.00-10.00 Gatwick Diamond Business Pastries and Networking, Reigate and Banstead Borough Council. Town Hall, Reigate.  Book your space now.


17 July 09.00-16.00 Redhill Micropreneurs co-working day at Regus Kingsgate, stay for an hour or all day and meet the great local small business people and freelancing community. Find out more

18 July 12.00-14.00 Learning Lunch - Riding the waves of change – Joe Cheal, Imaginarium Learning & Development. Town Hall, Reigate.

This session is about ‘how to stay on top’ and will explore 3 key factors: business, team and you. Learn some practical tips and thought-provoking ideas that will help you. Book your space now

12 Sept 12.00-14.00 Learning Lunch - Visual Digital Marketing, Instagram – Town Hall, Reigate. Book your space now

17 Oct 12.00-14.00 Learning Lunch - Fitness – Frank SinclairFit with Frank  Town Hall, Reigate. Book your space now


9 Nov 09.30-12.30 Gatwick Diamond Meet the Buyers - Developing your presentation and public speaking skills, American Express Community Stadium, Brighton.  Book your space now 


8 Nov  09.00-13.00 Employment Law and Health & Safety Event with Peninsular, in conjunction with Langton London Ins Brokers, Town Hall, Reigate Book your space now 


14 Nov 12.00-14.00 Learning Lunch - Managing challenging employment relationships and undertaking difficult conversations - Martin Buckland, HR at work.  Book your space now


12 Dec 12.00-14.00 Learning Lunch - Getting your message across with persuasive presentationsKevin Horlock   Book your space now

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Get in touch

Simon Bland - Economic Prosperity Programme Manager 01737 276303
Cath McDermott - Economic Prosperity Programme Officer 01737 276008

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Bags for Schools Appeal
Could you help?

Children experiencing hardship may not be able to start the school year with a proper school bag and complete set of equipment.


Esure are collating equipment for a local Bags4School campaign and it will be distributed to referred local children by local charity Stripey Stork. 

Can you help with either financial donations via the just giving page, or by donating equipment?

The campaign aims to provide children with the essential tools they need for school to:

  • reduce worries associated with being ill-equipped
  • help reduce visibility of their financial circumstances
  • send a message that someone else is routing for them in tough times
  • demonstrate that they deserve the same opportunity to maximise their education as others.

Receiving school equipment can ultimately give a local child a better start, inspiring them to work hard, maximise their education and be successful.


Donations of equipment can be dropped in to Reigate & Banstead Borough Council at the Town Hall in Reigate, or to the Harlequin Theatre and Cinema in Redhill.


Equipment needed includes:


• Good quality fashion backpack

• Handwriting pen or fountain pen

• Ballpoint pens

• HB pencils

• Colored pens/pencils

• A4 lined pad

• Pencil case

• Scientific calculator

• Highlighters

• Rubber

• 30cm ruler

• Pencil sharpener

• 360-degree protractor

• Compass

• Set square

• Water bottle.

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