17 February 2020 -
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Mayor’s schedule this week


Communications and Presentation Skills training for MembersNext date is Monday 24 February afternoon 2-5pm or evening 6-9pm


Member Briefing - Environmental Sustainability Strategy: Thursday 5 March



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New Member of the Security Team


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Mayor-Elect Announced at Council


Congratulations to Cllr Rosemary Absalom on being nominated as Mayor-Elect and to Cllr Frank Kelly on being nominated as Deputy Mayor-Elect



Upcoming Mayoral Events


Event for the Borough’s Litter Pickers

Wednesday 13 May at 7pm, Town Hall

Do please send your nominated names to the Mayor’s office, if you have not already done so.




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Modern.Gov - Accessing Documents Online  Video guide on how to access documents online is available here


Councillor Information Pack


Year Book 2019-20


LGA Online Learning Modules and Workbooks - Resource for Members


The Mayor is happy to support local businesses, Charities and Organisations as well as hosting visits to the Mayor's Parlour in the Town Hall.


To invite the Mayor use our online form


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Surrey County Council

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The council’s latest news can be found here



Members Highways Bulletin – 17 to 23 February


SCC Media Summary – none this week



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